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Networking to Find Employment as your Family Transitions from the Military


Learn how networking can help you find a job as your family transitions from the military.

Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families provides a broad range of military spouse employment initiatives designed to support military spouses throughout their careers.

Get Employment Support Anytime, Anywhere


Learn how the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program can support you as you prepare to enter, re-enter or advance in your career.

Build your Professional Network


Learn how establishing and building a professional network can help you find a job or advance in your career and help you discover where to go to find support.

U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Veterans Business Development

The mission of the Office of Veterans Business Development is to maximize the availability, applicability and usability of all administration small business programs for veterans, service-disabled veterans, Reserve component members and their dependents or survivors.

Military Spouse Jobs Powered by MSCCN

Military Spouse Jobs powered by MSCCN, a Spouse Ambassador Network partner, has been connecting military spouses with job opportunities for more than 10 years. Job seekers can attend online training and virtual job fairs or search for positions in the MSCCN database.

Spouse Ambassador Network

Learn about the Spouse Ambassador Network, a group of organizations united to help military spouses achieve their education and career goals.