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Going Back to School When You're a Military Spouse

“Going Back to School When You’re a Military Spouse” gives you a summary of what to consider when you make the decision to pursue postsecondary education.

Post-9/11 GI Bill

The Post-9/11 GI Bill allows service members to transfer this education benefit to a qualifying family member. The GI Bill® website details the eligibility requirements and the process for this exchange.

Department of Education Internships

Many companies offer paid and unpaid internships to students and new graduates. The U.S. Department of Education Internships page lists opportunities available within their organization.

Choosing a College: The Basics

Knowing the basics of what to look for in a college can help you make a decision that is right for you.

Peterson's Distance Learning Program Search

Search a database of accredited schools and programs offering distance learning options. Filter by courses of study and degree levels to get a list of schools matching your qualifications.

Postsecondary Education: Finances and Resources

This table illustrates the average total costs of attending an undergraduate institution for first-time, full-time students.

Tips for Your First Week at College

Make going back to school less stressful whether you are starting a certificate program, attending college right after high school or returning to school as an adult. Here are some tips to prepare you for your first week.

The Importance of Accreditation

School accreditation indicates that a school has met certain standards and is an essential factor to consider when researching schools. Learn why school accreditation is so important and find out how to check the accreditation of the school you want to attend.