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Department of Education Internships

Many companies offer paid and unpaid internships to students and new graduates. The U.S. Department of Education Internships page lists opportunities available within their organization.

Set Career Goals with CAREERwise Education

Setting career goals and creating a career plan will assist you in keeping your career on track as you move to new locations and change positions or career paths.

Self-Directed Search

Make the best career choices by matching your interests and skills with career options that make sense for you.

License Finder

Use the CareerOneStop License Finder tool to research your state’s rules and regulations, and identify the requirements, contact information and next steps for your current or future occupation.


CareerScope is a comprehensive career assessment tool providing career recommendations aligned with your interests and aptitudes.

Certification Finder

The CareerOneStop "Certification Finder" tool can help you identify the certifications you need for your occupation. Examinations test or enhance your knowledge, experience or skills in an occupation or profession. Employers value and seek employees with applicable certifications.

Advantages of Licensure

Your installation employment readiness specialist can meet with you face-to-face to discuss licensing and certification and determine whether obtaining credentials will help you advance in your chosen career path. He or she can also help research state regulations for your existing or new duty station.

Staying Legally Compliant

The Small Business Administration’s “Stay Legally Compliant” page is a starting point for potential entrepreneurs and small business owners.

USAJOBS Employment Portal

USAJOBS is the United States Government's official website for listing civil service job opportunities with federal agencies.

Local Resources for Military Families

The Family Readiness System provides a multitude of resources to assist military families in managing challenges, enjoying successful careers and flourishing in military life.