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Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Learn about the two types of federal loan forgiveness programs for teachers.

Transportation Options: Getting You to Work

Spouses who want to work may sometimes face transportation challenges. Explore suggestions, ideas and possible solutions to help you get to work.

Calculate Your Startup Costs

Estimate your startup costs and determine how much money you’ll need to get and keep your business up and running.

General Small Business Loans

General Small Business Loans are the most common loans offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Learn about the various types of loans available for financing your small business.


LiftFund helps finance new and existing small businesses that do not have access to capital from typical lending sources, such as traditional banks. Along with vital business loans, LiftFund provides educational services, which are essential to foster self-sufficiency.

Transportation and Housing Costs

The U.S. Department of Transportation has established that combined transportation and housing decisions can save money and build wealth. “Transportation and Housing Costs” explains that finding a job closer to home can increase your disposable income.

Transition Preparation

Your transition into the civilian world may create many uncertainties. Learning what to expect from your transition allows you to plan and prepare for a successful reintegration into civilian life.

How Resources are Chosen

The SECO team carefully considers each submission for the Scholarship Finder. Learn more about the advantages of submitting resources and what happens next.

Budgeting on Commission or Tip Wages

When your main source of income is somewhat irregular, such as sales commission or money from tips, and you rely heavily on these sources rather than a base salary or hourly wage, budgeting is critical. Have a budget in place to ensure you can pay your bills when your commissions or tips fluctuate.

The Hidden Costs of Working

The expenses associated with being a working professional can sometimes outweigh the net income you bring in, especially if you are only working part-time. It's important to be aware of the hidden costs of working so you can make the best employment decisions.