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Corporation for National and Community Service

Learn transferable skills to help build your resume through volunteering. Use the 'Volunteer Search' tool on the CNCS website to locate a range of possible volunteer opportunities at community organizations in your area.

Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families provides a broad range of military spouse employment initiatives designed to support military spouses throughout their careers.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at parks, recreation and wilderness agencies, search for positions at, America's natural and cultural resources portal.

Local Volunteer Opportunities

Find volunteer opportunities on or near your installation. Volunteering provides new work experiences, increases your skills and builds a connection between you and the community (host nation or installation-based). Your installation military and family support center is a great resource to learn about on and off base volunteer opportunities.

Federal Occupations by College Major

The USAJOBS "Federal occupations by college major" webpage provides a list of academic majors and specifies federal occupations related to those majors. Use this information to focus your employment search or as a planning tool for career and academic exploration.

Small Business Administration Introduction

Are you thinking about starting a business? Watch "An Introduction to the SBA," a short video introduction on the Small Business Administration, and learn how the organization can help you get your business off the ground.

Defining Part-time Employment

The 'Part-time Employment' page of the U.S. Department of Labor website defines part-time work, provides links to the laws and regulations governing part-time work and lists other resources for this type of employment.

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Find virtual volunteer opportunities to expand your job experience and gain exposure to new work environments and networking opportunities.

Labor Union Affiliation

The "Information for DOL Audiences" page on the Department of Labor website provides links to resources concerning labor union affiliation for specific audiences and supporting laws and regulations.

Explore Careers that Work for You and your Military Life


Do you know what career path is right for you? Learn how you can use self-assessments to explore careers that can complement your military life.