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Considerations for Starting a Business

These resources will help you learn about what to consider when starting a small business.

Local Resources for Military Families

The Military Family Readiness System provides a multitude of resources to assist military families in managing challenges, enjoying successful careers and flourishing in military life.

Occupations with the Most Job Openings

Knowing which occupational fields will offer the most job openings over the next decade can give you an advantage in an already competitive job market. Explore state and national labor market trends and forecasts to see geographic differences in job and career opportunities.

Jobseeker’s Electronic Tools Guide

The Department of Labor provides tools and resources to assist unemployed, working or transitioning military spouses in finding solutions for their particular employment needs. Check out this resource guide to learn more about the services available to you.

Worker Re-Employment

CareerOneStop’s ‘Worker Re-Employment’ section is a one-stop source of information on unemployment, training and financial assistance after a layoff or relocation with your military service member.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Research hundreds of occupations to learn about job descriptions, work environments, educational and licensing requirements and salaries.

Nationwide Salary Statistics

Research salaries by location, occupation, industry and more to make informed decisions about your next career move.

Defining Part-time Employment

The 'Part-time Employment' page of the U.S. Department of Labor website defines part-time work, provides links to the laws and regulations governing part-time work and lists other resources for this type of employment.

Department of Labor Women's Bureau

The Department of Labor Women's Bureau educates women on many of the priority issues and advocacy efforts related to fair compensation and workplace flexibility.

Explore In-Demand and High-Growth Careers


Are you in the market for a new job or career and interested in knowing what careers and professions are likely to be in demand and projected to grow in the future? The MySECO Research Occupations Tool and the Department of Labor’s My Next Move can assist you in your labor market research.