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License Finder

Use the CareerOneStop License Finder tool to research your state’s rules and regulations, and identify the requirements, contact information and next steps for your current or future occupation.

Relocation Considerations for Families Transitioning from the Military


Learn about the factors your family may want to consider as your family prepares to relocate after your service member transitions from the military.

Local Resources for Military Families

The Military Family Readiness System provides a multitude of resources to assist military families in managing challenges, enjoying successful careers and flourishing in military life.

ACT National Career Readiness Certificate

The ACT National Career Readiness Certificate, or NCRC, is a portable credential that demonstrates achievement and a certain level of workplace employability skills in applied mathematics, locating information and reading for information.

Support for a Successful OCONUS

Being stationed overseas can provide exciting new opportunities for you and your family. But as with everything else in your military life, it’s good to have support to help you figure things out. Check out these articles and resources from Military OneSource and MySECO on work, education and home life so you can make the most of your overseas adventure.

Certification Finder

The CareerOneStop "Certification Finder" tool can help you identify the certifications you need for your occupation. Examinations test or enhance your knowledge, experience or skills in an occupation or profession. Employers value and seek employees with applicable certifications.

Plan My Move

Take charge of your PCS move by using the customizable Plan My Move tool.

Portable Careers in Child Care

Working in the child care field can be a great portable career option for you. Positions within this field can be rewarding and may offer the flexibility you need as you relocate.