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MSEP LinkedIn Spouse Group

The MSEP LinkedIn Spouse Group is an open board that connects military spouses with other spouses and MSEP partners. Here you will find job announcements with MSEP partners and tips for effective job searches, interview techniques and more.

Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program Facebook Page

The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program Facebook page focuses specifically on career and education guidance for military spouses. This page offers information tailored towards military spouses, including career and education resources, SECO tools and exclusive online social events.

Mastering Online Applications

More and more companies require online employment applications from applicants seeking positions. The online application allows employers to gather information in a uniform format, making it easier for them to compare prospective employees.

Military Spouse Employment Partnership Job Search

Find employment opportunities with hundreds of companies and organizations committed to recruiting, hiring, promoting and retaining military spouses in portable careers.

Seasonal Job Opportunities

Learn more about Military Spouse Employment Partnership companies and organizations who are hiring this holiday season.

MSEP Events List

The Military Spouse Employment Partnership Career Portal’s Event Listing is a great tool for locating job fairs specifically for military spouses.

Telework Opportunities for Military Spouses

If your goal is to find a telework position, check out the opportunities offered by Military Spouse Employment Partnership companies and organizations.

Loving Your Yoga Career

Many yoga instructors strive to make a living sharing their love of yoga with the world. With hard work, persistence and marketing, they are often successful in building a career or a business. If teaching yoga as a career is your dream, investigate the steps for getting started and flourishing in your chosen path.