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Local Resources for Military Families

The Military Family Readiness System provides a multitude of resources to assist military families in managing challenges, enjoying successful careers and flourishing in military life.

Small Business Administration Introduction

Are you thinking about starting a business? Watch "An Introduction to the SBA," a short video introduction on the Small Business Administration, and learn how the organization can help you get your business off the ground.

Defining Part-time Employment

The 'Part-time Employment' page of the U.S. Department of Labor website defines part-time work, provides links to the laws and regulations governing part-time work and lists other resources for this type of employment.

Labor Union Affiliation

The "Information for DOL Audiences" page on the Department of Labor website provides links to resources concerning labor union affiliation for specific audiences and supporting laws and regulations.

International Licensure Transferability

Connect with your installation Employment Readiness support staff and start your search for employment information, information on work visas and licensure transferability and other employment concerns.

Part-time Executives and Managers

If you have an upper management or executive background and want to work part-time hours, consider small to mid-size start-ups, businesses or nonprofit organizations seeking top-notch marketing, operations or finance personnel. They may need your talents and can provide flexibility and great pay.

Flexible Job Options

Consider PRN and per diem employment opportunities if you are looking for flexibility, a variety of duties and a higher hourly pay rate.