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Writing Cover Letters

Cover letters are your personal introduction to prospective employers. Use your cover letter to sell yourself and your qualifications to gain an interview.

Mastering Online Applications

More and more companies require online employment applications from applicants seeking positions. The online application allows employers to gather information in a uniform format, making it easier for them to compare prospective employees.

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Find virtual volunteer opportunities to expand your job experience and gain exposure to new work environments and networking opportunities.

Resume Writing Module

The "Resume Writing" webpage discusses the resume formats preferred by hiring managers and shows you how to write your summary statement, employment history and other sections of your resume. Browse the resume samples and use the resume template to create your own resume.

Creating and Using a Portfolio

Develop a portfolio to highlight your work and show your skills to prospective employers or clients.

Achieve your Education and Career Goals with Spouse Education and Career Opportunities


The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program helps military spouses achieve their education and career goals. Learn how SECO can help you!

Local Volunteer Opportunities

Find volunteer opportunities on or near your installation that provide new work experiences, increase your skills and build a connection between you and the community (host nation or installation-based). Your installation military and family support center is a great resource to learn about on and off base volunteer opportunities.

Developing a Curriculum Vitae

A curriculum vitae, or CV, is like a resume but provides more details, has a different format and targets specific position types.

Completing Your LinkedIn Profile

In addition to your resume, LinkedIn is one of the most popular items that hiring managers use to review potential job candidates. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete so that a hiring manager will notice you.

Using Keywords to Boost Your Resume

Using the right keywords can move your resume to the top of the stack for hiring managers.