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Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program Facebook Page

The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program Facebook page focuses specifically on career and education guidance for military spouses. This page offers information tailored towards military spouses, including career and education resources, SECO tools and exclusive online social events.

Job Hunt with Social Media

Goodwill Community Foundation’s “Job Hunt with Social Media” training module explains how to use social media sites to expand your network and build new connections. You will learn about different strategies for using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites in your job search.

Promote Using Free Online Marketing

The “Humphry Slocombe: Promote Using Free Online Marketing” video discusses ways to use no-cost social media and marketing to market products and increase business. Humphry Slocombe is an ice cream business, but the social media concepts they use are applicable to any small business.

MSEP LinkedIn Discussion Board

The MSEP LinkedIn discussion board is an open board where military spouses are connected with other spouses and MSEP partners. Here you will find job announcements with MSEP partners and tips for effective job searches, interview techniques and more.

Making Connections with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest social media site dedicated solely to professional networking and is a great tool for expanding your professional network. Learn how to get started using LinkedIn in your job search.

Using Facebook and Twitter in Your Job Search

Facebook and Twitter can be useful tools when looking for a job. Below are some strategies for effectively using these platforms in your professional life.

Using Social Media in Your Job Search

In today’s job search, you can use social media to expand your network, build new connections and search for job opportunities.

Maintaining a Professional Online Image

“Safe Social Networking: Maintaining a Professional Image for Career Success” highlights how to take advantage of social media to develop your brand, promote yourself and safely use the online world to create opportunities for networking and research.