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Corporation for National and Community Service

Learn transferable skills to help build your resume through volunteering. Use the 'Volunteer Search' tool on the CNCS website to locate a range of possible volunteer opportunities at community organizations in your area.

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Find virtual volunteer opportunities to expand your job experience and gain exposure to new work environments and networking opportunities.

Worker Re-Employment

CareerOneStop’s ‘Worker Re-Employment’ section is a one-stop source of information on unemployment, training and financial assistance after a layoff or relocation with your military service member.

Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families provides a broad range of military spouse employment initiatives designed to support military spouses throughout their careers.

CareerOneStop Job Fairs

Job fairs offer a chance to build your professional network and speak directly to employers with available job opportunities. The CareerOneStop 'Job fairs' section discusses preparation, attendance tips and follow-up steps to take after a hiring event.

Military State Policy Source

Find information on key issues that affect service members and military families.

Status of Forces Agreement

Your installation employment readiness specialist will be able to help you understand the possible impact of the Status of Forces Agreement as it relates to your employability in an overseas location. MilitaryINSTALLATIONS will help you find the right person at your existing or new duty station.

Learn About Unemployment Benefits

Determine your eligibility for unemployment benefits and investigate working part time and receiving these benefits while you seek full-time employment.

Closing Gaps on Your Resume

Many people have gaps on their resumes due to relocation, career changes, layoffs or raising a family. Even though you may have frequent or long periods when you weren't working as a paid employee, you can adjust your resume to explain the gaps in a positive way.

Beat Job Search Burnout

Job search burnout can occur during long or unproductive job searches. Understand the causes, learn the symptoms and take appropriate steps to avoid and overcome burnout as you search for a new position.