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Achieve your Education and Career Goals with Spouse Education and Career Opportunities


The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program helps military spouses achieve their education and career goals. Learn how SECO can help you!

Networking to Find Employment as your Family Transitions from the Military


Learn how networking can help you find a job as your family transitions from the military.

Get Employment Support Anytime, Anywhere


Learn how the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program can support you as you prepare to enter, re-enter or advance in your career.

Installation Family Support Centers for Transitioning Military Families


Your installation’s Military and Family Support Center has resources and people who can provide you –a military spouse -with advice and support as you plan for your service member’s transition out of the military. If you do not live near an installation or prefer 24/7 access to information from anywhere, Military OneSource has the transition help you need.

Find Employment Help on your Installation


Learn how assistance from your installation’s employment support center can help you locate job opportunities and prepare you for your interview.

Build your Resume to Get Hired


Are you preparing to apply for a new job and need assistance? Learn how the MySECO Resume Builder can help you create a resume that best describes your skills and qualifications, and discover how you can get personalized support.

Find Employment through the Military Spouse Employment Partnership


Learn how you can connect with an employer who is committed to hiring a military spouse, like you!

Receive One-on-One Education and Employment Support from SECO Career Coaches


Learn how you can receive free, ongoing and personalized assistance to reach your education and career goals with a SECO Career Coach.