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Occupational Outlook Handbook

Research hundreds of occupations to learn about job descriptions, work environments, educational and licensing requirements and salaries.

Nationwide Salary Statistics

Research salaries by location, occupation, industry and more to make informed decisions about your next career move.

Understanding Flexible Spending

Some employers offer flexible spending arrangements as part of their benefit program. An FSA is a great option for some employees. Determine if an FSA makes sense for your family before deciding to enroll.

Employment Stipends

Employer-paid benefits can amount to one-third of your annual income, so it's important for you to understand and review them carefully and treat them as valuable financial considerations.

Budgeting on Commission or Tip Wages

When your main source of income is somewhat irregular, such as sales commission or money from tips, and you rely heavily on these sources rather than a base salary or hourly wage, budgeting is critical. Have a budget in place to ensure you can pay your bills when your commissions or tips fluctuate.

Juggling Multiple Jobs

Juggling multiple jobs can be challenging but may provide extra income and new skills. Investigate strategies to balance your life and ease the stress of working multiple jobs.

Asking for a Raise

Asking for a raise is a nerve-racking task. Learn how and when to ask for a raise and avoid common pitfalls.

Quick Tips for Effective Job Sharing

Quick Tips for Effective Job Sharing provides explanations of the types of job sharing and information for making this type of employment work to your advantage.