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Going Back to School When You're a Military Spouse

“Going Back to School When You’re a Military Spouse” gives you a summary of what to consider when you make the decision to pursue postsecondary education.

Workplace Flexibility Toolkit

The "Workplace Flexibility Toolkit" provides valuable information you can use to understand how workplace flexibility can improve work-life balance.

Solo Parent, Working Parent

It’s never easy leaving your children when you have to go to work, particularly when your spouse is deployed. Here are some tips to help you handle the challenges and balance your work and family time.

The Basics of Managing Stress

Learn about the signs and causes of stress, and steps you can take to help keep your stress under control.

Military Child Care Options

Safe, affordable and dependable child care is critical for working parents and student parents. To ensure quality care, the Department of Defense set clear standards for military-operated and military-affiliated child care programs and provides options, as well as assistance, for military families living on and off installations.

Child Care Swaps

Finding affordable child care can be a challenge when you go back to school. Explore child care swaps as an alternative method to paying for child care.

The Hidden Costs of Working

The expenses associated with being a working professional can sometimes outweigh the net income you bring in, especially if you are only working part-time. It's important to be aware of the hidden costs of working so you can make the best employment decisions.

Time Management Tips

As a military spouse, you may have to juggle school, work, home and being a parent, all while your spouse is deployed or working long days. Understanding how to manage your time can help you successfully make it through those times of separation.

Structure at Home for Working Parents

Follow these simple, actionable suggestions to relieve your stress as a working parent. Make sure to make time for yourself so you will enjoy your job and your family.