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Support for Concerns about Substance Use or Abuse during and after Transition from the Military


Learn where to look for help if you need support or treatment for a substance use- or abuse-related issue.

Beginning the Retirement Process


Learn about the process service members must follow as they prepare for retirement from the military, and see how you can provide support and assistance along the way.

MySTeP: A Guide for Your Military Journey

Here’s one of the knowns about military life: At some point, your spouse will leave military service, and your family will transition to civilian life. That transition is a big deal and is different for each family.

Dental and Vision Care and Insurance Options for Transitioning Military Families


A plan for dental and vision care and coverage after leaving the military may be an important decision for the overall health of your family. Know your options for both service-related and nonservice-related dental and vision coverage after your family transitions from military to civilian life.

Understanding the Survivor Benefit Plan


Learn about the Survivor Benefit Plan and your family’s SBP election options.

Beginning the Separation Process


Learn how you can support your family as your service member prepares to separate from the military.

Mentoring- Sharing your Military Spouse Experience to Help your Community


Military spouses fulfill many roles as they navigate military life. As your family prepares to leave the military, remember that you can use your experiences as a military spouse to enrich the lives of others.

Military-Sponsored Transition Resources and Training


The Department of Defense’s Transition Assistance Program can provide the information and assistance you need to successfully plan for and reach your family’s goals for life after transition from the military.

Understanding VA Health Care for Transitioning Military Families


Learn how VA healthcare can benefit your family after leaving the military. Then, encourage your service member to submit a VA disability claim and apply for VA healthcare.

Health Care and Insurance: Options for Families with a Service Member Separating From the Military


Learn about your family’s options for health care and coverage if your service member is separating from the military.