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MySTeP: A Guide for Your Military Journey

Here’s one of the knowns about military life: At some point, your spouse will leave military service, and your family will transition to civilian life. That transition is a big deal and is different for each family.

Transition Assistance for Military Spouses


The Department of Defense’s Military Spouse Transition Program offers information and resources to help you –a military spouse –keep your family moving in a positive direction during transition from military to civilian life.

Relocation Considerations for Families Transitioning from the Military


Learn about the factors your family may want to consider as your family prepares to relocate after your service member transitions from the military.

Military ID Cards at Transition from the Military


Learn about the kind of government-issued ID card you, your service member and your family members may be eligible to hold, and understand why you should make appointments to turn in or update ID cards as part of your transition plan.

Understanding the Survivor Benefit Plan


Learn about the Survivor Benefit Plan and your family’s SBP election options.

Beginning the Retirement Process


Learn about the process service members must follow as they prepare for retirement from the military, and see how you can provide support and assistance along the way.

Healthcare and Insurance – Options for Families with a Service Member Retiring


Military retirees and their families have several options for healthcare and healthcare coverage after retirement from the military. Military families planning for retirement should research their available healthcare options to make an informed decision about continued healthcare coverage.

Connecting with Veteran Service Organizations after Transition from the Military


VSOs can serve as a valuable resource as your family prepares to transition from the military and long after your service member separates or retires. Find and connect with a VSO to learn more!