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Career Assistance Post-Transition

Learn about career assistance resources available for military spouses and service members after separation or retirement from the military.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

If you are a caregiver or a surviving spouse interested in starting a business, investigate your eligibility for Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

This online toolkit provides you with a self-guided program for becoming a healthier, happier you. Watch the short videos, read the articles and start taking control of your stress.

Military State Policy Source

Find information on key issues that affect service members and military families.

Make the Most of Your Career Coaching Session

Knowing what to expect and how to prepare for your call with a Spouse Education and Career Opportunities career coach may be helpful. Even if you don’t have a chance to prepare, coaches are always ready and waiting to assist you with your education and career questions.

Quit Your Job with Class

Be professional when you resign from your job and take the proper steps to make sure you get a positive reference from your employer.

Sell Your Strengths to Potential Employers

Some companies may not fully understand the mobile military life or recognize the capabilities a military spouse can bring to the table. Learn to sell yourself and your strengths as a military spouse, on your resume and in your job interviews, to get the job you want.

Beat Job Search Burnout

Job search burnout can occur during long or unproductive job searches. Understand the causes, learn the symptoms and take appropriate steps to avoid and overcome burnout as you search for a new position.

Building Healthy Work Relationships

Healthy work relationships can help you achieve career success and job satisfaction. Positive interactions with fellow employees, customers and competitors can expand your network, provide growth opportunities and yield referrals and references when you search for your next job.