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Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families provides a broad range of military spouse employment initiatives designed to support military spouses throughout their careers.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at parks, recreation and wilderness agencies, search for positions at, America's natural and cultural resources portal.

Microsoft Office

Goodwill Community Foundation International provides free online training courses that cover a variety of subjects, including information technology. This training covers Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Excel

Goodwill Community Foundation offers free training on Microsoft Excel to help you create spreadsheets and workbooks, as well as organize, visualize and calculate data. Learning and updating technical skills can help expand your potential employment opportunities.

Computer Basics

Whether you are new to computers or are looking to stay current on the latest software, Goodwill Community Foundation’s 'Computer Basics' covers it all.

Strong Interest Explorer, Self-Scorable

This career exploration tool provides guidance toward more satisfying career and educational choices.

Myers-Briggs Assessment

Determine your personality type, which may help with career planning, relationships, educational pursuits and more.

Tech Savvy Tips and Tricks

The Goodwill Community Foundation “Tech Savvy Tips and Tricks” tool highlights ways to keep your technology skills up-to-date and effective on the job or at school.

CareerOneStop Skills Matcher

Create a list of your skills and match them to job types.

Sharpen Your Customer Service Skills

Customer service superstars are always in high demand. To be a superstar, hone your skills, practice simple techniques and put forth a little extra effort with customers.