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Know Your Rights as an Employee

Equal Employment Opportunities Commission laws can be complex. Know your rights as an employee and who to contact regarding issues related to employment regulations.

Transportation and Housing Costs

The U.S. Department of Transportation has established that combined transportation and housing decisions can save money and build wealth. “Transportation and Housing Costs” explains that finding a job closer to home can increase your disposable income.

Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

This online toolkit provides you with a self-guided program for becoming a healthier, happier you. Watch the short videos, read the articles and start taking control of your stress.

Managing Stress and Other Non-Medical Counseling During and After Transition from the Military


Knowing about the resources that surround your military family during your journey and seeking support for any challenges or stressors that you face before, during and after your service member’s transition can help make your family stronger and more resilient.

Crisis Support During and After Transition from the Military


Transitioning from military to civilian life can add an additional level of stress for your service member and your family. Seeking help from a professional is one of the best ways to support and strengthen your family during this time. If you are concerned that your service member, you or your family could be heading for a crisis situation, use the resources that are available to get help.

How to find Local Mental Health Services During and After Transition from the Military


Make the search for the right mental health care provider part of your family’s military transition plan. Visit the SAMHSA and NRD websites to find the care you need now and in the future.

Beat Job Search Burnout

Job search burnout can occur during long or unproductive job searches. Understand the causes, learn the symptoms and take appropriate steps to avoid and overcome burnout as you search for a new position.

Building Healthy Work Relationships

Healthy work relationships can help you achieve career success and job satisfaction. Positive interactions with fellow employees, customers and competitors can expand your network, provide growth opportunities and yield referrals and references when you search for your next job.

Time Management Tips

As a military spouse, you may have to juggle school, work, home and being a parent, all while your spouse is deployed or working long days. Understanding how to manage your time can help you successfully make it through those times of separation.

Structure at Home for Working Parents

Follow these simple, actionable suggestions to relieve your stress as a working parent. Make sure to make time for yourself so you will enjoy your job and your family.