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Networking Basics

A willingness to network and build connections may be the single most important tool in your job search arsenal. The Goodwill Community Foundation's "Networking Basics" tool will teach you strategies to help you build and maintain your network.

Interviewing Skills Module

The Interviewing Skills webpage discusses all aspects of the interview, including what to expect, how to prepare, what to bring with you, what you should wear, how you should answer questions and the different types of interviews. You will also learn about interview etiquette and the after-interview follow-up.

Building Your Personal Brand

Present yourself to others with personal branding and show the unique qualities that make you stand out from other candidates.

Professional Dress

“Professional Dress: How to Present a Positive Image” details the appropriate attire to wear to project a professional image in a job interview.

Negotiate Your Salary

Learning the art of negotiating your salary may help you earn more money, receive extra benefits or provide increased flexibility in your work environment.

The Value of Professional Associations

A professional association membership can provide military spouses with a constant connection to their career field throughout their mobile life.

Requesting Telework from your Current Employer

Get tips on how to approach your boss about teleworking.

Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Coaching Packages

Explore your interests, refresh your resume and jump-start your career by working with career coaches on specialized coaching packages.

Follow Up After Your Interview

Stand out from other jobseekers by learning to follow up appropriately after your interview. Following up can also provide additional opportunities for you to connect with hiring managers.

Sharpen Your Customer Service Skills

Customer service superstars are always in high demand. To be a superstar, hone your skills, practice simple techniques and put forth a little extra effort with customers.