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Child Care Aware Directory

Child Care Aware has collaborated with the Department of Defense to help military families find and pay for child care. Use their service-specific search option to find your best child care options.

Network Childbirth Educators

Childbirth educators provide information and support to prospective parents and family members to prepare them for pregnancy, labor, birth and parenthood. Many childbirth educators work part-time or on an as-needed basis, so positions are often flexible and a great way to supplement your income.

Military Child Care Options

Having safe, affordable and dependable child care choices is critical for working and student parents. The Department of Defense (DoD) realizes this need, sets clear standards for military-operated and military-affiliated child care programs and provides options and assistance for military families living on and off installations.

Employment Stipends

Employer-paid benefits can amount to one-third of your annual income, so it's important for you to understand and review them carefully and treat them as valuable financial considerations.

Child Care Swaps

Many issues influence your spending while going back to school, and finding affordable child care can be a challenge. Explore child care swaps as an alternative method to managing these expenses.

The Hidden Costs of Working

The expenses associated with being a working professional can sometimes outweigh the net income you bring in, especially if you are only working part-time. It's important to be aware of the hidden costs of working so you can make the best employment decision.

Portable Careers in Child Care

Working in the child care field can be a great portable career option for you. Positions within this field can be very rewarding and may offer the flexibility you need as you move from place to place. Your Path to Benefits provides access to over 1,000 federally funded benefit and assistance programs including federal grants or education and training programs. Do a quick search, discover your benefits eligibility and learn how you can apply for assistance.