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Intro to Business Accounting

The Small Business Administration's "Introduction to Accounting" is a thirty-minute online video course providing an overview of business accounting.

Financial Counselor Program

The Military Spouse Fellowship’s Accredited Financial Counselor Program trains spouses to become accredited financial counselors. Obtaining your Accredited Financial Counselor certification through the Military Spouse Fellowship Program can provide a portable career that fits the mobility of your life.

Microsoft Excel

Goodwill Community Foundation offers free training on Microsoft Excel to help you create spreadsheets and workbooks, as well as organize, visualize and calculate data. Learning and updating technical skills can help expand your potential employment opportunities.

Microsoft Office

Goodwill Community Foundation International provides online training courses at no cost that cover a variety of subjects, including information technology. This training covers Microsoft Office.

Computer Basics

Whether you are new to computers or are looking to stay current on the latest software, Goodwill Community Foundation’s 'Computer Basics' covers it all.

Sign up for Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

If you are a caregiver or a surviving spouse interested in starting a business, investigate your eligibility for Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

Improve Your Math Skills

Use these self-paced tutorials to make learning math skills easy and fun. Become a whiz at subtraction, multiplication, fractions, decimals and percentages to prepare for school or employment.

Community-based Education Centers

Community-based education centers may be a great option for continuing your education outside the traditional classroom setting. Learn what types of programs are offered and how you can benefit from completing one.

Nontraditional Student Success

Understanding what it means to be a nontraditional student can help you make smart education choices. Explore various learning options and strategies for success.

Excel as a Nontraditional Student

Returning to school after a long period away from the classroom may present additional challenges. Take the right steps to stay focused and on track to earn your diploma as you balance your work, home and military life.