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Corporation for National and Community Service

Learn transferable skills to help build your resume through volunteering. Use the 'Volunteer Search' tool on the CNCS website to locate a range of possible volunteer opportunities at community organizations in your area.

Peterson’s College Placement Skills Training

Improve your math, English and writing skills by mastering the educational materials in the College Placement Skills Training online course.

Financial Counselor Program

The Military Spouse Fellowship’s Accredited Financial Counselor program trains spouses to become accredited financial counselors. Obtaining your Accredited Financial Counselor certification can provide a portable career that fits your mobile military life.

O*NET Interest Profiler

Finding a career you are passionate about just got a bit easier. Take the “O*NET Interest Profiler” assessment to match your core job interests with potential careers.

Microsoft Office

Goodwill Community Foundation International provides free online training courses that cover a variety of subjects, including information technology. This training covers Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Excel

Goodwill Community Foundation offers free training on Microsoft Excel to help you create spreadsheets and workbooks, as well as organize, visualize and calculate data. Learning and updating technical skills can help expand your potential employment opportunities.

Computer Basics

Whether you are new to computers or are looking to stay current on the latest software, Goodwill Community Foundation’s 'Computer Basics' covers it all.

Strong Interest Explorer, Self-Scorable

This career exploration tool provides guidance toward more satisfying career and educational choices.

Finding Portable Employment Overseas

Start your search for a portable career today using these resources and tips.

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Find virtual volunteer opportunities to expand your job experience and gain exposure to new work environments and networking opportunities.