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Military State Policy Source

Find information on key issues that affect service members and military families.

Financial Counselor Program

The Military Spouse Fellowship’s Accredited Financial Counselor program trains spouses to become accredited financial counselors. Obtaining your Accredited Financial Counselor certification can provide a portable career that fits your mobile military life.

Fund your Education with the My Career Advancement Account


Are you looking for a portable career, or are you interested in funding to help you earn or renew a certification or license in your current field? If eligible, the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship program can help you get the credentials you need to achieve your career goal.

Certification versus Certificate Programs

Learn the difference between certification and a certificate program to figure out which makes sense for your education or career.

Teaching Certifications and Licenses

Teaching is a popular career for military spouses, but it is also one of the most heavily state-regulated professions. Plan for your training and job search by learning which certifications or licenses you will need.

Licensed Professions for Military Spouses

Holding a license or certification is critical for employment in many career fields. Learn about types of licenses, advantages of having a license and military spouse license portability. See if holding a license or certification is a good career step for you.

Advancing Your Career With Workforce Credentials

You can receive workforce credentials such as licenses and certifications when you meet the standards in certain fields. Workforce credentials can be a valuable tool for advancing your career. Learn about the advantages of workforce credentials and whom to contact if you have questions.

Portable Careers in Child Care

Working in the child care field can be a great portable career option for you. Positions within this field can be rewarding and may offer the flexibility you need as you relocate.

My Career Advancement Account Scholarship

The My Career Advancement Account Scholarship is a workforce development program that provides eligible military spouses with up to $4,000 in financial assistance for licenses, certifications or associate degrees to pursue an occupation or career field.