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Understanding Business Etiquette

Goodwill Community Foundation International provides online training courses at no cost that cover a variety of subjects. “Job Success - Business Etiquette” discusses the practice of appropriate business etiquette at various stages of your career.

Myers-Briggs Assessment

Determine your personality type, which may help with career planning, relationships, educational pursuits and more.

Know Your Rights as an Employee

Equal Employment Opportunities Commission laws can be complex. Know your rights as an employee and who to contact regarding issues related to employment regulations.

When You're Turned Down for a Job

When you are denied a position you thought you earned, turn your rejection into a positive by taking the right steps, using appropriate follow-up and continuing to build your relationship with the hiring manager.

Quit Your Job with Class

Be professional when you resign from your job and take the proper steps to make sure you get a positive reference from your employer.

How to Respectfully Disagree with Your Boss

Disagreeing with your boss can be challenging. Learn how to present alternate solutions without ruining your relationship or putting your job in jeopardy.

Active Listening in the Workplace

Active listening is a life skill learned over time through self-awareness, mindfulness and attention to detail. Apply active listening in the workplace to help improve working relationships, understand tasks and grow both professionally and personally.

Establishing and Maintaining References

Many employers require job applicants to provide references. Learn how to choose references and maintain your reference list.