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Online Employment Support Resources for Spouses of Transitioning Service members


Learn about the online employment supports that are available to help you find a job or progress in your current career as your family transitions from the military.

Build your Professional Network


Learn how establishing and building a professional network can help you find a job or advance in your career and help you discover where to go to find support.

Achieve your Education and Career Goals with Spouse Education and Career Opportunities


The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program helps military spouses achieve their education and career goals. Learn how SECO can help you!

Find Career Options that Can Move with You


Are you interested in a career that can accommodate your mobile military lifestyle? Consider a flexible career, and learn about resources that can connect you with a military friendly employer!

Explore Education Options to Meet your Goals


Do you want to know about the many college options and opportunities available to you? Learn about the college and training finders and professional development resources available from Spouse Education and Career Opportunities.

Benefit from Continuing your Education


Are you wondering if a degree is worth the time, money and effort to complete? Learn how a two- or four-year degree can impact your earning potential and how the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program can help you pinpoint resources that can assist with overcoming obstacles to completing your education.

Find Employment through the Military Spouse Employment Partnership


Learn how you can connect with an employer who is committed to hiring a military spouse, like you!

Receive One-on-One Education and Employment Support from SECO Career Coaches


Learn how you can receive free, ongoing and personalized assistance to reach your education and career goals with a SECO Career Coach.

365 Eligibility for Military Spouses

Access Military OneSource services up to a full year after your service member separates from the military.

Information Hub

Find information and resources that support military spouses, service providers and partner companies and organizations.