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Announcing 365 Eligibility for Military Spouses

Military OneSource services available up to a full year after your service member separates from the military.

Information Hub

Find information and resources that support military spouses, service providers and partner companies and organizations.

Tools and Resources

Take advantage of the tools and resources MySECO provides to guide and support you through every stage of your career.

How to Use the Resume Builder

Use the below tips to craft the perfect resume with the MySECO Resume Builder.

Easy Access for Those Who Support

Welcome! Community partners, family readiness organizations and service providers can now easily access most MySECO tools and resources without having to log in.

Financial Assistance Resources for Education and Career Development

Search for financial assistance resources and career development opportunities offered specifically to military spouses and family members.

Assess Your Values and Skills

Self-assessments are powerful tools to help you explore the career or education path that best suits your personal journey.

How Do I?

Here are some great tips for finding information and performing actions on MySECO.

My Individual Career Plan, or MyICP

An interactive individual career plan with customized tools, resources and activities to help you plan and achieve your career and education goals

Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Coaching Services

Career coaches provide support and information to help you achieve your education and career goals.