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SCORE Business Resources

If you own or are considering starting a small business, take advantage of SCORE for education and mentorship opportunities. SCORE is a nonprofit organization supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration with a national network of volunteer mentors eager to assist you and your business.


LiftFund helps finance new and existing small businesses that do not have access to capital from typical lending sources, such as traditional banks. Along with vital business loans, LiftFund provides educational services, which are essential to foster self-sufficiency.

Mentoring- Sharing your Military Spouse Experience to Help your Community


Military spouses fulfill many roles as they navigate military life. As your family prepares to leave the military, remember that you can use your experiences as a military spouse to enrich the lives of others.

The Military Spouse Advocacy Network

The Military Spouse Advocacy Network serves military members and their families from all service branches with a mission to create strong families by offering education and mentoring programs.

Establish a Professional Mentor Relationship


Discover the benefits of establishing a professional mentor relationship and finding where you can locate a mentor.

Loving Your Yoga Career

Many yoga instructors strive to make a living sharing their love of yoga with the world. With hard work, persistence and marketing, they are often successful in building a career or a business. If teaching yoga as a career is your dream, investigate the steps for getting started and flourishing in your chosen path.

Military Spouse Mentoring Programs

A mentor can help you develop employment skills, learn job search strategies, expand your network, assist you in self-marketing and advise you about your chosen career field. Learn about the benefits of mentoring and investigate mentoring programs created specifically for military spouses.

Spouse Ambassador Network

Learn about the Spouse Ambassador Network, a group of organizations united to help military spouses achieve their education and career goals.