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Advantages of Licensure

Your installation employment readiness expert can meet with you face-to-face to discuss licensing and certification and determine whether obtaining credentials will help you begin in your chosen career path. He or she can also help research state regulations for your existing or new duty station.

Having a license or certification can be key to opening the doors for you in today’s competitive workplace. Many professions require a license because they are needed for positions subject to state or other government regulations. The top two occupations held by military spouses in the labor force both require licensing – teaching and nursing.

Professional certifications can increase your chances for advancement and promotion, enhance your reputation among colleagues and within your profession, and allow you to earn a higher salary than your noncertified counterparts. The State Licensure Directory offers more information on specific requirements in individual states.

Licensing or certification can help you advance your career in positions in accounting, computer networking, human resources, counseling, public relations, website development, paralegal services and more.

Use the MilitaryINSTALLATIONS tool to search by installation, state or program to find information relevant to you. Enter 'Spouse Education, Training and Careers' under the 'Select a program or service' drop-down menu and your installation or postal code to find a point of contact to advise on licensing and certification. You can also visit the Spouse Licensure Map for information on state legislation and licensure portability for military spouses in each state.  

If you have questions on licensure or certification, don't hesitate to call 800-342-9647 to speak with a career coach.

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