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Mastering Online Applications

More and more companies require online employment applications from applicants seeking positions. The online application allows employers to gather information in a uniform format, making it easier for them to compare prospective employees.

In today’s technology-connected world, most companies expect a job seeker to submit an online application. You will normally submit online applications on a company’s website or on a job board.

Information required for an online application may include the following:

  • Resume tailored to the position you are seeking, which uses keywords related to the job description
  • Cover letter highlighting your strengths for the position and why you’d make a great fit for the company or organization
  • Employment history, often including exact dates, salary history, supervisor names and job titles
  • Information about gaps in employment, using volunteer positions, schooling and more to fill these gaps
  • Employment tests, such as typing, general knowledge, personality assessments and more
  • References, three business references and two to three personal references

Make sure to fill out all the fields in the application. Recruiters often skip over applicants who do not fill out the application completely because it shows a lack of interest. If possible, use appropriate industry and job-related keywords in your application and make sure to highlight your past career successes. Ensure your information is correct with no spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors. Remember, once you transmit the information, it becomes part of your permanent file with the company.

Quick Tip: To save time as you apply for different jobs, create a master employment data sheet. It can list exact dates of your employment, salary, references and other information required in the application but not included on your resume. You can then cut and paste sections into the online application. The same can be done with your resume.

CareerOneStop's Online Applications provides information on submitting an online application for a job opening. For more articles and information to help you in your job search, visit the Employment Readiness lifecycle stage of MySECO or call 800-342-9647 to speak with a career coach.

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