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Developing a Marketing Plan

The “Marketing and sales” page on the Small Business Administration website discusses how a marketing plan relates to a small business. Developing a good marketing plan is an investment worth making.

A good marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your small business and an effective way to increase your visibility in your community. Social media is a powerful and inexpensive tool to use to expand your reach and an important piece of your marketing strategy. It will allow you to promote and potentially increase your business and inform customers about your products and services. Because you may often relocate – and your business goes where you go, developing a portable marketing plan can help you introduce your business to your new community.

Visit the link below to learn how to make a marketing plan, ways to update your plan and more. You can also contact a SECO career coach at 800-342-9647 or use the Live Chat feature in the header of MySECO for additional guidance on starting and running your small business.

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