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Local and Short-term Training

Find local training opportunities in your area by occupation, school or program to help jump-start your career when you relocate.

Frequent relocations may prevent you from committing to a full four-year degree. You may want to consider education and career training programs in your area where you can earn a certificate, diploma or award in less than two years.

Local training

Local programs may fit your mobile military life better in some instances. The CareerOneStop Local Training Finder can make searching for opportunities near you within the United States much easier. This tool allows you to search for local training opportunities by occupation, school, program and location. Enter applicable search terms and start exploring.

For spouses stationed overseas, consider pursuing online courses through services like the Veterans Career Transition Program, which is available to all spouses of active-duty service members and eligible veterans. The VCTP includes career tracks in professional skills, technology and independent study.

Short-term training

Short-term training, or classes and programs lasting fewer than two years, often earns you a certificate that may push you ahead in the job market and gives you an edge over other applicants. These classes and programs can cover broad subjects such as languages or math, or they may help you focus on specific skills like computer software.

Training can range from local to online and from free to paid. Use the CareerOneStop short-term training guide to assist in your search for quality training options. CareerOneStop provides some simple, easy ways to find free or low-cost training programs that fit your mobile military life.

Local and short-term training programs may give you the boost you need to launch or further your career. Take advantage of the information and tools these resources have to offer. Call 800-342-9647 to speak with a career coach who can assist you in finding local or short-term training opportunities.

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