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Computer Basics

Whether you are new to computers or are looking to stay current on the latest software, Goodwill Community Foundation’s 'Computer Basics' covers it all.

In today's job market, many occupations require some level of computer literacy. For military spouses who are searching for virtual and portable careers to maintain progression in their career path, computer literacy is a must. Computer literacy is more than surfing the web or engaging in social media sites. It involves understanding basic computer concepts and how they are used in a variety of business settings. Including information about your computer literacy and basic computer skills on your resume may help you increase your marketability for virtual employment or a portable career.

If you are new to computer technology, 'Computer Basics' can help you understand how computers operate. The training program covers the following:

  • Basic computer components
  • Operating systems
  • Basic applications
  • Web applications
  • Clouds

Take advantage of no-cost training opportunities to help build your skillset and become more marketable in the workplace. Investigate online learning opportunities and pursue training at local community colleges or universities. Visit your installation family center to discuss options and resources. For other ideas and suggestions, call and speak with a career coach at 800-342-9647.

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