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Structure at Home for Working Parents

Follow these simple, actionable suggestions to relieve your stress as a working parent. Make sure to make time for yourself so you will enjoy your job and your family.

When balancing work and home responsibilities, be proactive and find more ways to take control over your home life, even if taking control means letting go of some things. Here are a few suggestions to help you juggle some of your family commitments:

Make household chores a team effort. Ask your children to share responsibilities around the house. At first, it may take longer to accomplish chores and your house may not pass the white glove test. Be prepared to hear complaints in the beginning, but realize you are helping yourself and your children when you assign them household tasks. Remind them that family chores are a team effort.

Hold weekly family meetings. Involve everyone in meal planning, chore distribution and activity planning. You may be amazed at how much easier it is to get children to eat, do chores and be ready for school and activities when they participate in planning and decision-making.

Establish rituals. Try to structure evening activities like homework, dinner and bath time. Try using a timer and challenge your children to beat the clock. Structure will help your kids stay on task and can reduce overall stress in the house.

Ask for help. A support system is a critical part in successfully navigating through military life. You may be new to your location or not know many people, which can make working while maintaining your household a challenge. Consider talking to your spouse, coworker, child care provider or your child’s teacher for ideas and suggestions. Get out and meet new people who might understand what you are going through. You can also talk to a career coach at your installation, call 800-342-9647 or use the Live Chat feature in the header of MySECO and discuss ways to balance work and home life.

Planning, prioritizing and delegating can help you reduce stress and achieve more. A schedule is an absolute must! And remember, set time aside for yourself and your family to relax and have time together. You can do it!

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