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Business Ownership on an Installation

Before you start your business, make sure you understand the rules and regulations of owning and running a business while living on a military installation.

Each branch of the military has different guidelines regarding home-based businesses while living in installation housing. Generally, you’ll need to contact your housing office for more information regarding home-based businesses. Also, if you’re interested in partnering with an installation to offer your services or merchandise, whether you live on or off the installation, installation employment readiness staff can put you in touch with the appropriate point of contact to discuss your options.

Owning a business overseas

The rules regarding starting and running a business on a military base overseas, or OCONUS, are regulated by each installation. Visit MilitaryINSTALLATIONS to obtain contact information for the employment readiness counselor at your OCONUS installation. Make sure to check with them about Status of Forces Agreements if you’re considering starting or operating your own business on an OCONUS installation.

Many spouses investigate new ways of using their talents to make money when they relocate to an overseas location. You might decide this is a great time to build a business making jewelry or turn your love of photography into a paying job. You may be able to focus on virtual work like bookkeeping, virtual assistant or web development. Whatever type of business you decide to start, make sure you understand the regulations and requirements of the installation and the Status of Forces Agreement of the country where you live.

Moving your business

One additional note about owning your own business – the military will not pay to move any merchandise or equipment you use for your business as part of your household goods shipment. Keep this in mind as you get ready to move to your next duty station.

Find more information about starting, owning, marketing and growing a business in the Entrepreneurship section of MySECO.

For more information on business ownership on an installation, contact a SECO career coach by calling Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 or use the Live Chat feature on the MySECO website. 

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