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Be a Better Test Taker

Military spouses may be juggling school, work, home and parenting, with the added stress of deployments and separations. This may not leave a lot of extra time to study for upcoming tests. Below are some tips to help you face these challenges head on and do well on tests.

Finding the time to study can be hard. Whether you are studying for college exams, certification exams or another type of test, here are some tips to help you do well on test day.

Take good notes. Most of the time, you have all the needed test information — even if it doesn’t feel like it. Note taking from the instructor’s lecture, book material or online classroom resources can help you prepare. Your instructor will often tell you what’s going to be on the test. Write it down. As you review your notes, highlight any key phrases or terms and study the areas your instructor said might be covered first.

Review questions. Review questions are another great way to prepare for a test. Take advantage of practice tests — from your instructor or from your book. Tests are often formatted the same way, and you may even see some questions that look very familiar. If you are studying for a certification or for a standardized test, visit the DSST website to take online practice exams.

Ask the instructor. You may need an additional study guide or someone who can help you find practice material. Your first stop should be the instructor; he or she can typically best answer your questions.

Use your installation resources. If you are studying for a test or exam that isn’t instructor-led, such as a certification exam, your local installation can be an excellent resource for practice tests, books and referrals to local preparation courses. Look for information at your installation's education center, military and family support center, spouse education and training center, and library. For additional study tips and additional resources, visit the Academic, Test Taking and Study Skills Readiness section of MySECO or call a SECO career coach at 800-342-9647.

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