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Using Social Media in Your Job Search

During your job search, you can use social media to expand your network, build new connections and search for job opportunities.

Many employment experts say the most effective way to find a job is through networking. Social media allows you to stay connected with your current group of friends, family and coworkers, while building and expanding your network as you move to new locations. Having a social media presence gives you the opportunity to market yourself, develop new networking connections and be accessible to organizations seeking a person with your skills and expertise. 

Why use social media in your job search?

More job seekers and employers are using social media sites to network. Social media is a primary method of communication in today’s world, with the following benefits.

  • It simplifies the process to build connections and makes you visible to hiring managers and recruiters.  
  • It allows you to research industries, companies and positions of interest.
  • Companies often use their social media platforms to post jobs and tell their followers about their company values. 
  • Companies sometimes post jobs to their social media site before posting them to their company pages. This would allow you to get connected much earlier than the competition. 

How to use social media in your job search

If you choose to share information on social media, use it to your advantage. Share content that highlights your professional background, skills and abilities. Use consistent information about your work history and accomplishments across all platforms. Use social media to help build your brand and increase your online visibility by: 

  • Becoming a known voice in different communities
  • Participating in online forums
  • Joining groups of interest and networking with other members
  • Becoming a resource for others

Social media is just one tool you can use when searching for a job. Building a strong, professional online profile takes time. Have a plan when you start using social media and do not try to cover everything in one day. Work on your profile, join groups and follow companies, but schedule your time and focus your efforts. 

Check out Your Online Image for tips on building a strong online profile. You can also find more information on leveraging social media in your job search by visiting the Networking section of MySECO. Contact a SECO career coach by calling Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 or use the Live Chat feature on MySECO for more information on any aspect of your job search.

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