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Using Facebook and Twitter in Your Job Search

Facebook and Twitter can be useful tools when looking for a job. Below are some strategies for effectively using these platforms in your professional life.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter keep you connected with friends, coworkers and employers when you relocate to a new installation. Your past connections and the new contacts you make using social media will expand your network and may have a positive impact on your job search.

Facebook tips

Facebook is currently the largest social networking site. You can communicate with your current connections and reach out to new connections to build relationships. Every few weeks, establish regular communications by reaching out to your contacts. Use the tips below to tailor your Facebook usage to your job search.

  • Use the “lists” feature to target your professional connections with status updates. You can also use the “lists” feature to block status updates that are personal and that you don’t want to share with your professional connections.
  • You can limit access to “previous posts” by adjusting your access settings. Remember that what goes on social media stays on social media. This is one way to limit access to personal posts you may not want to share with a potential employer. 
  • Create a separate, professional profile. Use a simple headshot as your profile picture and include details about your work and education history.
  • Let your personality shine — even in your professional posts. Facebook should be a balance between personal and professional, but it’s okay to let your personality shine through.

Use your network to advertise your availability in carefully composed posts. Be specific about the type of position you are seeking. If you are currently working, be careful how you promote your job search. Send private messages or updates to a specific Facebook list. “Like” potential employers and join conversations on industry trends. Comment on posts or send a message to get the conversation started with an employer of interest.

The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program - SECO Facebook page provides job highlights, employment tips and job listings from MSEP partners. Spouses can also connect with each other or join the regular live events to ask questions or share information. 

Twitter tips

Twitter has become a powerful resource to connect employers and job seekers. The rapid pace keeps you well informed about the latest information on job postings and employers. Here are a few ideas to get started with Twitter.

  • Create a professional profile with a photo, memorable bio and a short summary of skills and interests. You can also include a link to a personal resume, online portfolio or personal website.
  • Follow potential employers to keep up with latest news and job postings.
  • Use Twitter’s search feature to learn about jobs in your field. Some companies promote jobs on Twitter before posting them on their website.

The SECO Twitter page provides job fair updates, job search ideas and the latest job openings with Military Spouse Employment Partnership companies and organizations. Check out the Networking section of MySECO for more tips on using social media in your professional life. You can also call a SECO career coach at 800-342-9647 or connect directly with a SECO career professional about your unique career or education needs by clicking the ‘Live Chat’ link at the top of the page.

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