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Part-time Executives and Managers

If you have an upper management or executive background and want to work part-time hours, consider small to mid-size start-ups, businesses or nonprofit organizations seeking top-notch marketing, operations or finance personnel. They may need your talents and can provide flexibility and great pay.

You may find that full-time executive or upper management positions, particularly near installations, are limited. You might think your decision to work part-time to best fit your mobile military life will keep you from finding executive employment. Although many executives are consultants or full-time employees, part-time executive and upper management positions are also available. Using your executive and managerial skills and talents on a part-time basis for one or more employers may be a win-win solution for everyone.

Companies that hire part-time executives

More businesses and nonprofit organizations are seeking part-time talent for executive positions. Part-time executive management positions are available in industries like finance, health care, education, business development and fundraising, insurance and information technology. For example, the below Military Spouse Employment Partnership companies and organizations have all offered part-time management or executive positions through the MSEP Job Search.

Virtual employment solutions and an increasing number of companies adopting telework policies have helped increase the number of part-time executives and managers. If you have the experience and a company needs part-time executive leadership support in some capacity, you may find your dream job without sacrificing your work-life balance for full-time work.

Some advantages to part-time executive employment in leadership positions include the following:

  • Flexibility and variety, particularly when working for more than one organization
  • Executive pay for the hours you work
  • Opportunity to work for companies outside your daily commuting range
  • Chance to gain experience, build your reputation and network in new industries

Some disadvantages to part-time executive employment in leadership positions include the following:

  • Limited health insurance, stock options or other benefits typically available to executives
  • Generally hired on retainer or a short-term basis

Chances are you already have the tools you need to start searching for part-time executive positions. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Use your network. Connect with current and past contacts. Ask for introductions and referrals to companies that could use your talents.

Expand your network. Promote your experience, skills and availability through your local Chamber of Commerce and your professional associations or networking groups, including LinkedIn.

Use online career portals. Use search terms such as "part-time executive director," "interim CEO" or other position types you're interested in pursuing.

Speak to an executive recruiter. Let executive recruiting firms know you are interested in part-time executive positions and put them to work for you.

Research local companies. Target companies of interest in your location. Contact leadership directly to discuss how they can benefit from your invaluable skills.

Consult a SECO career coach. Career coaches can help you explore career choices and develop a plan for career progression or making a career change. Career coaches provide comprehensive coaching services to help you thrive in your career and can be contacted by calling Military OneSource at 800-342-9647.

Landing your first part-time executive position may take longer and require more imagination than other job searches, but when you find the position of your dreams and are able to work flexible hours, it can be worth it. Establish yourself as an effective part-time executive and let word of mouth help you find additional companies needing your services.

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