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Family Liaison Office Overview

The Family Liaison Office provides advocacy, programs and services for employees and family members at duty locations overseas.

If your service member is assigned to an overseas location that is not necessarily located on a U.S. military installation, such as an assignment with a foreign government or at a U.S. Embassy or other facility, the U.S. State Department's Family Liaison Office can help you with your employment needs. A team of Global Employment Advisors provides career guidance, resources and assistance for local employment at your overseas location. Professional Development Fellowships that provide grants supporting professional development activities are also available. If you are returning to the United States, the Family Liaison Office can assist you by providing career guidance and employment resources before you move.

If you are living overseas or planning a move to an overseas location, search "overseas" in the search bar on MySECO to find other content related to overseas employment and education. If you need assistance with your overseas job search, speak with a career coach at 800-342-9647.

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