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Federal Occupations by College Major

The USAJOBS "Federal occupations by college major" webpage provides a list of academic majors and specifies federal occupations related to those majors. Use this information to focus your employment search or as a planning tool for career and academic exploration.

Part of choosing a major should include researching careers ahead of time. Research will help you understand the skills and abilities you’ll need to learn for your future job. If you are considering a career with the federal government, "Federal occupations by college major" may point you in the right direction.

Match your academic major with federal positions requiring that major to focus your job search.

  • Use the four-digit series number of the federal occupations listed under your major.
  • Search USAJOBS for local job opportunities.
  • Review position announcements before you apply to determine whether your qualifications are a match, which may improve your chance of success.
  • If you have your degree, use this resource in combination with additional MySECO self-assessments to help you decide the best federal career path for you.

Choosing a major based on your federal career choice

If you are in school or going back to school, and your goal is working for the federal government, matching federal occupations to majors may help you choose the best majors for completing your degree.

  • Find colleges and universities offering your major of interest.
  • Check whether your major relates to federal occupations.
  • Use the MySECO self-assessments to align your interests and skills with your choice of degree and occupation.

Use this resource to search for federal positions matching your academic major and background. Prepare your federal resume and complete your application, if required. Get help from a SECO career coach by calling Military OneSource at 800-342-9647. A SECO career coach can help create or review your resume, and help with any aspect of the self-assessment or job search process. For additional guidance, use the Live Chat feature on the MySECO website.

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