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College Scorecard

MySECO offers access to the Department of Education College Scorecard tool. Search the Department of Education database to find schools that are a good fit for you based on factors that are most important to you – location, size, degree, major and more.

Your education is a major investment. Do your homework to find the best education option to fit your mobile military life.

As you research institutions consider the location, programs, school accreditation, size, education deliveries (brick-and-mortar, virtual, public, private), cost and portability of the education programs (the ability to transfer credits). 

Use the College Scorecard to identify, compare and learn more about your options as your first step in finding the best school for you.

For additional assistance with education options, check out the Education, Training and Licensing lifecycle phase of MySECO or call a SECO career coach at 800-342-9647.

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