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Student Occupational Chapters

Student occupational chapters are great springboards into your career. By joining, you can learn about conferences and current events in your industry, practice new skills, discover tricks of the trade and make new contacts.

Many postsecondary education institutions have school chapters for occupational associations or societies, such as the Society for Human Resource Management or the American Society for Civil Engineers. Joining these organizations, especially at a new duty station, can help you meet new people who may act as personal and professional mentors in your new area.

Some of the benefits of joining a professional organization's student chapter include the following:

  • Connect with like-minded professionals in your potential career field.
  • Discuss topics such as schoolwork or current events.
  • Learn how your occupation operates in the real world.
  • Find tutoring or student-to-student mentoring opportunities.
  • Gain access to member publications or communications.
  • Discover networking opportunities and local chapter connections.

If you are just beginning your studies or about to complete them, student occupational chapters have something to offer. Networking at the local level can help you meet people who share common professional goals. Meet local business professionals who can help prepare you to enter the workforce. Take advantage of the opportunities provided by student occupational chapters to gain an advantage in today's competitive job market.

Connect with your school's student union or with your instructor for additional information on how to join a student occupational chapter. Read The Value of Professional Associations for more information on how becoming a member can help enhance your career.

Speak with a SECO career coach by calling Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 to determine which student occupational chapter is right for you. For additional guidance, use the Live Chat feature on the MySECO website. 

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