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Health Care Jobs on the Move

Due to the growing number of elderly people and advances in medical care, the need for health care professionals is skyrocketing. Recent legislation in many states has made it easier than ever for you to transfer your health care license or credential when you relocate.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of health care occupations is projected to grow 15% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than average for all occupations. Some of the more popular occupations in the health care industry include the following:

The level of education required for entry-level positions varies greatly in the health care industry. You may only need a postsecondary diploma for many occupations, while you will need a doctoral or professional degree for others. Below you will find some of the popular careers and their entry-level education requirements. You can also research other health care occupations using the MySECO Research Occupations tool.

Education requirementOccupations
High school diploma or equivalentHome health aides and personal care aides, pharmacy technicians
Postsecondary non-degree awardLicensed practical and licensed vocational nurses, massage therapists
Associate degreeDental hygienists, radiation therapists
Bachelor's degreeAthletic trainers, dietitians and nutritionists, registered nurses
Master's degreeOccupational therapists, physician assistants
Doctorate or professional degreePhysicians and surgeons, veterinarians

The Military Spouse Employment Partnership Job Search can help you connect to companies that are actively recruiting and dedicated to hiring military spouses.

Occupations in the health care field can be highly portable and may meet the demands of the mobile military life. While transferring a license from state to state can be a challenge, several initiatives have made this transition easier for military spouses. Visit the Military Spouse Interstate License Recognition Options for up-to-date legislation and licensure information for your specific state.

If you move due to a PCS, your service branch can now help reimburse licensure and certification costs up to $1,000. Each service has its own procedures for reimbursement, so be sure you know what your branch requires.

For more information on portable career choices, visit the Portable Career Paths section of the Career Exploration lifecycle stage of MySECO or speak with a SECO career coach by calling Military OneSource at 800-342-9647.

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