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If you are a caregiver or a surviving spouse interested in starting a business, investigate your eligibility for Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

The EBV Foundation has created the EBV-F program for military family members who are caregivers to a wounded warrior or the surviving spouse of a military member who died serving the country. The program, offered by the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University and the Florida State University College of Business, is provided at no cost to accepted students. Costs of travel, lodging and meals are also covered.

The program provides training in small business management, integrated with caregiver and family issues, and shows you how to start or expand a small business in a way that lets you manage and balance other family responsibilities. Visit the website for a full list of eligibility requirements.

Modeled after the existing Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities initiative, the EBV-F program has three phases:

  • Phase I A 30-day online training course where you will learn the language of entrepreneurship and work to understand the fundamentals of business ownership
  • Phase II — A nine-day immersion experience at the university where you will attend a hands-on training program, including small business experiential workshops and lessons from world-class entrepreneurship faculty
  • Phase III — Ongoing support and technical assistance from faculty experts, experienced entrepreneurs and others to help participants realize their entrepreneurial goals 

Graduates of the program have started a wide range of businesses. You can view graduates’ business profiles, which include a residential laundry service, law practice, dance and art studio, pet boutique and many more.

If you are interested in attending the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans’ Families, download the application forms from the program website. Although applications are accepted on a rolling basis, submitting an early application is highly encouraged. To be a successful candidate, you need to have a strong interest in entrepreneurship, be highly motivated to own and manage a business and have a high likelihood of successfully completing the program.

For more information on the EBV-F contact Ellie O’Neill at 315-443-6007/6899 or

If you’re seeking employment, considering going back to school or are just starting to think about starting your own business and have questions, call a career coach at 800-342-9647 for suggestions, tips or more information on how to get started.

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