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MySECO Website Basics

These step-by-step guides will assist you in accessing and using all the MySECO website features.

MySECO Overview
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Build an Individual Career Plan
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Creating a DS Logon Account
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How do I search for scholarships?
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How do I research occupations?
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How do I build my resume?
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How do I use DS Logon to create and access a MySECO account?
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yellow-next-arrowBuild or manage your individual career plan, or MyICP

yellow-next-arrowCreate a DS Logon Account

yellow-next-arrowSearch the Scholarship Finder to locate scholarships, grants and other funding sources offered specifically to military spouses

yellow-next-arrowResearch Occupations on MySECO

yellow-next-arrowCreate printable resumes with the MySECO Resume Builder

yellow-next-arrowFind employers committed to spouse employment using the MSEP Job Search


yellow-next-arrowHow do I create an individual career plan? (Video)

yellow-next-arrowHow do I build a resume on MySECO? (Video)

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