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Virtual Career Network

The Virtual Career Network can assist you in preparing and qualifying for a rewarding career in health care, green economy or transit by connecting you to the education and training you need to qualify for opportunities. Increase your job portability by choosing a career path in a growing industry with plenty of available jobs.

As a military spouse, you will probably move to new locations every few years. If you’re beginning your career or thinking of changing career paths, consider high-demand jobs in health care, green economy or transit to see if they might be a fit for you. The Virtual Career Network provides tools to research occupations, schools, programs and positions to assist you in your decision-making process. Gaining the education, training and skills for these careers may make it easier to find a job you love when you transfer to new assignments.

Health care is one of the country's fastest growing fields. Nearly 10 million new jobs will be created between 2014 and 2024 in the health care industry. The VCN lets you explore more than 80 health care careers and provides career information based on your interests, preferences, availability of jobs, typical wages offered, required training and duration of training. Learn more about the Healthcare Virtual Career Network by viewing this demonstration.

Green economy jobs span various industries and occupations and include renewable energy, green buildings, clean transportation and water, and waste and land management. A recent study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates there are currently 3.1 million jobs in the green economy, with continued faster than average growth expected for many green economy job opportunities. Explore more than 40 green careers on VCN to see if a green career makes sense for you.

Transit jobs are steady and often provide on-the-job training for career advancement. Many excellent front-line jobs in the transit industry require only a high school diploma or GED to apply. Currently, more than 400,000 workers are employed in the transit industry in the United States. You will find information on more than 60 transit careers on VCN.

Use the tools and resources on VCN as you investigate career paths, find the education and training you need to be qualified for your chosen career and search for jobs in your current or future location. You can also sign up for a no-cost personal VCN career management account, which lets you save all your education, training and work-related information in one place. If you are considering health care, green economy or transit careers, VCN is a wonderful resource to get you started.

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For additional assistance, call 800-342-9647 to speak with a career coach and discuss career or education choices, searching for a job or overcoming challenges. Coaches are available to review your resume, practice interviewing, discuss networking or help you strategize next steps.

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