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The Milspo Project Inc.

The Milspo Project Inc. mission is to empower and educate military spouse entrepreneurs through live leadership events, online educational resources and local chapter meetups.

If you are a military spouse wondering if starting a business is right for you, the Milspo Project Inc. may be able to help. The Milspo Project Inc. is a community of military spouse entrepreneurs who desire to take charge in their local communities, grow roots where they are planted and create thriving businesses despite the challenges of being a military spouse.

Milspo local chapters are forming in areas across the country and the world near military installations. Find the chapter near you, network with other entrepreneurs and get a head start on starting or expanding your business.

With the programs and services provided by the Milspo Project, you can:

  • Find information shared by other spouses on the Milspo blog
  • Take the eCourse for military spouse entrepreneurs
  • Attend the Embark Career Conference, a business conference for military spouse entrepreneurs
  • Stay updated with the Milspo Project on Milspo Project Facebook

The Milspo Project Inc. is a member of the Spouse Ambassador Network, a group of organizations united to help military spouses achieve their education and career goals. Click here for a full list of Spouse Ambassador Network participating organizations.

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