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Higher Education Opportunity Act

Don’t let high out-of-state tuition costs prevent you from continuing your education. Use the Higher Education Opportunity Act to guarantee in-state tuition.

As a military spouse, you may find yourself moving across the country often, which can interrupt your plans to get an education. Changing schools and paying out-of-state tuition costs often become roadblocks to higher education. However, the Higher Education Opportunity Act protects you from increased tuition rates.

Out-of-state tuition costs at postsecondary institutions may be several times more expensive than in-state costs. To qualify for in-state tuition at these colleges and universities, you may be required to live in the state for a specific amount of time, often one year or more. This requirement may be difficult for service members, spouses or dependents to meet as they move from state to state.

Section 114 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act guarantees in-state tuition costs for any active-duty service member, his or her spouse and dependents at any public college or university located in the state where they are stationed with the following requirements:

  • Active-duty period in the state must exceed 30 days.
  • In-state tuition rates for service members and spouses last only while the service member is stationed in the state.
  • For dependents, in-state tuition rates continue if they stay continuously enrolled, even if the service member relocates to another state.

Take advantage of the Higher Education Opportunity Act to ensure in-state tuition rates. You can also speak with a SECO career coach by calling Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 to discuss your education or career path. For additional guidance, use the Live Chat feature on the MySECO website. 

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