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GI Bill® Comparison Tool

If you’re planning to use your service member’s GI Bill® education benefits to fund your education, the GI Bill® Comparison Tool provides information on programs and compares estimated benefits by school.

Learn more about GI Bill® Transferability and, when you’re ready to proceed, use the GI Bill® Comparison Tool to develop your plan so you can make the most of your benefits. Whether you choose to apply your benefits to college classes, an on-the-job training program or licensing and certifications, this tool makes it easier to research and compare colleges and employers approved for the GI Bill®.

To use this tool, answer a few questions about yourself and the school or employer you’re considering. You’ll receive an estimate of your GI Bill® benefits and additional information about the facility’s value and affordability.  

Do your homework as you choose your school and avoid pitfalls by considering the following:

  • Understand the differences between regional and national accreditation for both schools and programs.
  • Learn about job placement rates from your chosen school.
  • Talk to people in the field to make sure you understand the education, certifications and experience you’ll need to be successful.
  • Get information from school admissions advisors in writing.
  • Understand the use of GI Bill® benefits — which cannot be refunded once used.
  • Keep the GI Bill® tool on your radar for the future in case you’re not currently eligible for benefits transfer.

If you have questions on education programs, comparing and choosing schools, applying for the GI Bill®, succeeding in school or finding employment, call 800-342-9647 to speak with a career coach

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